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Stypendium dla doktoranta w projekcie NCN, OPUS-21 prof. dra hab. Romana Ciuryło

Tytuł projektu: Ultrazimne cząsteczki do wykrywania fundamentalnych oddziaływań
Nazwa Stanowiska: Stypendysta - doktorant

PhD student of physics having solid knowledge in physics including quantum mechanics, atomic physics and experimental data analysis. Good experimental and computer skills. Preferably experience in experimental atomic physics, cooling and trapping of atoms, high-resolution spectroscopy. Excellent problem-solving and communication skills. Written and verbal communication and presentation skills. Teamwork ability. Good command of English language. The candidate has to be a student during the entire scholarship period.

Opis zadań:
PhD student will be involved in development of control system of the dipol trap for ultra cold atoms.  She or he will participate in developing of experimental system for photoassociation spectroscopy including laser beam frequency modulation, laser beam shaping, laser frequency locking, vacuum system assembling, etc. Student will be responsible for collecting two-color photoassociation spectra and their analysis. She or  he also can be involved  in theoretical  calculations of photoassociation spectra as well as for its application in search for new physics beyond Standard Model.

Termin składania ofert: (uwaga: min. 2 tygodnie) 08.02.2022

Typ konkursu NCN: Opus-21 ST

Forma składania ofert: e-mail

Warunki zatrudnienia:
Scholarship for 48 months

Dodatkowe informacje:

Required documents (send to: ):

1. Application
2. CV
3. Copy of scan of language certificate (if any),
4. Copy or scan of candidate’s publications (if any),
5. Consent to the processing of personal data (Appendix 1).