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II Specjalne seminarium astrofizyczne

W dniu 30.10.2017 r. o godz. 10:15 w sali audytoryjnej COK Instytutu Fizyki UMK Dr. Dmitry Semenov (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany) wygłosi wykład pt.: "The power of astrochemistry: from atoms to molecules to life".


Chemical transformation of the atomic to molecular matter in space and the origin of life in the Universe, along with formation and characterization of exoplanets and their habitability are among the hottest topics in astronomy. To fully address these topics, consolidated efforts in observational, theoretical, and laboratory studies are needed. Astrochemistry, a relatively new interdisciplinary science that brings together astrophysics and chemistry at extreme conditions, stays at forefront of such investigations. In my presentation I will be talking about power of astrochemistry, namely: 1) how physical conditions and chemistry in various cosmic objects can be probed via molecular lines; 2) how atoms can be transformed into molecules in space and turned into key prebiotic ingredients; 3) how key ingredients for life could have been delivered on early Earth and gave rise to first life. Furthermore, I will present my ideas how I would organize an astrochemistry group based on the Dioscuri Center of Excellence in Astrophysics at the Toruń University and how it will be integrated into the current university research.