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Azure for Education license

Microsoft software as part of the Azure for Education program

Microsoft’s former “Imagine” program has become “Azure for Education”. There is no full Office suite in Azure (no Word, no Powerpoint, no Excel). Access to Microsoft software is possible for students, PhD students and Faculty employees via the website: Azure for Education

More about Azure for Education

More detailed information and answers to common questions can be found here

Using the program

To register, on the Azure for Education website, use the following domains:,, or For trouble-free use of the system, Microsoft recommends using the Edge
browser in InPrivate mode, with the browser cache previously cleared.

In case of objective problems with access, Microsoft offers support (tel. 00800 1124701 or via the website then / Technical support / Accounts and subscriptions / Account, Subscription … then selecting Poland and clicking “Submit Online Request”)

Basic rules for using the software:

  • the software can be used by students, doctoral students and teaching staff of the Faculty
  • the software may only be used for non-commercial (teaching and research) purposes
  • the software can also be installed on the employee’s or student’s personal (home) computer
  • students can download the software provided they have valid registration and attend at least one subject providing teaching units
  • students can use the software previously installed under the Azure (or Imagine) program also after graduation – provided that the software is used for teaching and research purposes, not related to gainful employment
  • the software may not be used for commercial purposes, in particular:
    • to develop software for commercial purposes
    • for purposes related to the administration of the Faculty

Program administrator

dr hab. Michał Zieliński, prof. UMK