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  • Erasmus+ information meeting
    Dear Students,
    We would like to invite you to the Erasmus+ information meeting that will take place on Tuesday, Dec 12th 2023 at 2:30 pm in the seminar room S2 COK (Center of Quantum Optics) at our faculty. The meeting will be held by Maria Witul from the Dept. of International Partnerships and Educational Mobility and Ireneusz Grulkowski, Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator and Dean’s Proxy for Internationalization & Mobility.
    The meeting will cover the following topics:
    – differences between mobilities (studies and internships),
    – qualification criteria,
    – scholarships and additional support (e.g. green travel and SMART programme),
    – how can I find institution for internship,
    – practical advice (e.g. learning agreement, individual study plan),
    – advantages of Erasmus+,
    – opportunities to continue internationalization process.
    Q&A session will be given at the end.Please, join us and get to know more!

It is also possible to attend the meeting at other faculties:


  • Minigrants from the Director of the Center of Excellence for Astrochemistry and Astrophysics: Director of the Center of Excellence in Astrochemistry and Astrophysics, prof. Piotr Żuchowski announces a program of small grants for students carrying out projects under the supervision of Center members with at least a Ph.D. The regulations can be found on the website: and HERE
  • We are opening the call for 1st-year student scholarships in Physics&Astronomy (MSc level). Please, note the deadline: 21/10/2023 – you need to mail the Appendix No 1 to the Dean’s Office: Mrs Joanna Szoppe-Kupijaj: by then. The Order of Rector 124 (LINK do ZR.124) and request (LINK do ZR.124-zal).


  • University Centre of Excellence “Astrophysics and astrochemistry” is opening the call for 1st-year student scholarships in Physics&Astronomy (MSc level). Criteria for awarding a scholarship can be found HERE. Please, note the deadline: 21/10/2022 (you need to mail the Appendix No 1 to the Dean’s Office: Mrs Joanna Szoppe-Kupijaj: The Order of Rector 124 and annex can be found HERE.
  • Registration:
  • The study program is briefly presented in the form of the table here. It contains obligatory activities and ellective courses grouped in five records: Module 1 and 2, Monographic lectures, University-wide courses, and two Astrophysics laboratories. All activities end up with a graded exam or test depending on their form.
  • As for Astrophysics laboratories you should choose either Optical astrophysics laboratory (in winter semester) or Radioastronomy laboratory (in summer semester).
  • Monographic lectures and other ellective courses available in winter and summer semesters of 2022/23 are listed here.
  • Here is the long list of university-wide courses delivered from all faculties of NCU. You can choose from all these courses except from those strictly related to the program of PandA, i.e., Physics and Astronomy.
  • A description of particular courses could be helpful in choosing topics interesting for you.
  • Most activities will be held in the centre of Toruń, at the Institute of Physics, Grudziądzka 5/7. Some of them (including Astrophysics laboratories) will take place in a small village Piwnice near Toruń, where Institute of Astronomy is located. Also university-wide courses are held in different buildings of NCU.
  • Each student of NCU should actively use his/her account in a university system of student service (USOS), where all informations about student’s progress are displayed and stored.
  • In most situations students register for all activities by their own in USOS. But the first registration, i.e., for winter semester, will be done by Dean’s Office administration after your declarations concerning all ellective courses.
  • In the winter semester of 2022/23, all activities run upon the schedule presented here starting from October 4.