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Study with us in Polish

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We offer studies in five major fields and many specializations. These are complete programmes in Polish.

Regular first-level 6-semester B.Sc. graduate studies or 7-semester engineering studies

programme     specialization
astronomy (B.Sc. programme)
automation and robotics  (engineering programme)
  • machinery and technological equipment
  • microprocessor systems
physics (B.Sc. programme)
  • experimental physics
  • theoretical physics
  • physics teaching
technical physics  (engineering programme)
  • computer metrology
informatics  (engineering programme)

 Regular second-level 3- or 4-semester M.Sc. graduate studies

program     specialization
  • experimental physics
  • theoretical physics
technical physics
  • digital systems in automation
  • medical physics
  • optoelectronics and microelectronics
  • data mining
  • web and mobile applications and computer networks
  • game designing
  • informatics in automation systems
  • automation system programming

Regular third-level 4-years Ph.D. graduate studies

  •  astronomy, physics, biophysics

Application is possible online only, in the Internet Registration of Candidates IRK electronic system.

Candidates may speak Polish already or may want to learn Polish. One of possibilities is The Centre for Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners.