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  • Scientific cooperation

    Staff of the Department of Automatics and Measuring Systems is involved in broad cooperation with researchers with Poland’s leading research center (such as, among others: professor Lech Grzesiak – Warsaw University of Technology, professor Ryszard Szplet – Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, professor Krzysztof Gałkowski – Uniwersytet Zielonogórski as well as foreign units (such as, for instance: professor Harald Aschemann – University of Rostock, Germany, professor Eric Rogers – University of Southampton, Great Britain, doctor Djordje Stojic – Electrical Institute „Nikola Tesla”, Belgrade, Serbia).

    In 2012 the Department started cooperation with the University of Angers, involving student exchange within the Erasmus+ program (3-month apprenticeships for students from Angers and 1-term stays of students from the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics in Angers), as well as staff exchange (lectures aimed at broadening students’ knowledge in terms of topics related to automation and robotics).

  • Cooperation with industry

    Staff of the Department of Automatics and Measuring Systems actively cooperate with their local social and industrial environment, contributing to increased innovativeness among companies in Kuyavian-Pomeranian region. In 2001 cooperation was initiated with Apator S.A. Along with the emergence of automation and robotics study program, cooperation with the following comapanies from our region was started: PIAP-OBRUSN (control systems for CNC machine), UNI-KAT (CNC machine control by means of EtherCAT bus), TZMO (optical product quality control systems), TWERD Energoelectronic company (system in charge of monitoring converter dedicated to renewable energy sources). Since the start of the automation and robotics study program there has been constant cooperation between the Facutly of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics and the City of Toruń, whose authorities have made an obligation to further support the university’s authorities in efforts towards further development of the School of Engineering, by granting financial aid for the improvement of laboratory base.

    As a result, graduates of automation and robotics find employment in design departments of companies such as: ABB Polska, Aniro, Apator S.A., Apator Control, Intermasz, Nestle-Pacific, Orlen, Pesa S.A., PIAP-OBRUSN, UNI-KAT, TZMO S.A., Z.E. Twerd.

  • Other activities

    Employees and students of the School of Engineering are constantly involved in educational and promotional activities of the automation and robotics study program, which are performed directly in secondary schools or at the Study, involving demonstrations and lectures on systems, machines and technological devices (such as CNC machine, 3D printers, industrial robots). The popularizing activity is aimed at encouraging secondary school students to study automation and robotics.