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Katarzyna BogusławskaInternational Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics and Chemistry - referatNew insights into molecular interactions using concepts of quantum information theoryTorun, Poland
2017-06-19 - 2017-06-22

Referat w innym ośrodku:

Katarzyna BogusławskaSeminar at the Quantum Chemistry Laboratory - referat zaproszonyNovel electronic structure methods for light and heavy element chemistry Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw
2016-05-05 - 2016-05-05


Katarzyna BogusławskaCurrent Trends in Theoretical Chemistry VII - referatModeling and dissecting electron correlation in light and heavy element chemistryKraków
2016-09-04 - 2016-09-08
Katarzyna BogusławskaEMN Meeting on Computation and Theory - referat zaproszonyNovel Coupled-Cluster approaches for heavy element chemistryLas Vegas, USA
2016-10-10 - 2016-10-14


Katarzyna BogusławskaPACIFICHEM 2015 - referat zaproszonyElectronic structure of trans-polyenes from two electron functionsHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
2015-12-15 - 2015-12-20