Pułapki Paula - Badania

The 3-year research project by NCN „Trapped molecular ions” starts mid-2015. The goal of the project is to establish new, efficient methods of loading the ion trap with molecular ions, methods of identifying the ions and investigation of their interactions with other particles (photons, electrons, ions, neutral atoms and molecules).

The experiment will be run in segmented linear Paul trap. Atomic Ca+ ions will be trapped together with the molecules of interest. Their role is providing optical sympathetic cooling of the molecular ions and enabling the trapped ions’ detection using CCD camera.

The electron impact processes will be applied for ionization of both atoms and molecules. Experimental data on electron impact ionization cross sections will be derived from the trap loading rates.

Besides the experiment, the project aims some numerical simulations of the dynamics of multi-species ensembles of trapped ions.

There is an open PhD position for the project – please contact dr Łukasz Kłosowski.



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