Quantum Mechanics - Research

Quantum photonics is a discipline, which includes novel protocols for information processing based on individual quanta of light. These quantum protocols thereby advance beyond anything available with our standard information technology, and therefore have high potential for innovative new applications, as well as fundamental scientific experiments. Our research focuses on extending the range and enhancing the performance of quantum technology, as well as testing fundamentals of quantum theory. This is part of larger and more intensive work in the field of quantum technologies, which has drawn much attention in many countries.

In particular our research is focused on efficient single-photon sourcees based on the nonlinear process of parametric down conversion. In this process one photon from the pump beam decays into two daughter photons. The recent development in fabrication of nonlinear periodically polled crystals makes it possible to generate very efficiently single photons, which are optimal for both quantum communication and fundamental test of quantum mechanics.




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