Ultra-cold Matter - Ultra-cold molecules

Welcome to the ultracold molecular physics group in the National Laboratory FAMO. The main goal of our research is to study ultracold heavy molecules. To make it possible we have built an experimental system with heteronuclear two-species magneto-optical trap (MOT) which is able to capture and cool various isotopes of both Rb and Hg atoms.

hgrb vac

This will allow to produce and study ultracold molecules, both homo- and heteronuclear. The system consists of Rb Zeeman slower and Hg 2D magneto-optical trap both connected to the ultra-high vacuum chamber and acting as the high density sources of the precooled atoms for the heteronuclear MOT. Atoms will be subsequently transfered from the MOT to the dipole optical or magnetic trap. Such a setup guarantee long lifetime and huge number of atoms in the final trap. While the Rb MOTs have already become a standard experimental apparatus in the field of cold atoms, there are only four working Hg MOTs at the present. It is because of the extremely inconvenient wavelength of 253.7 nm of the available transition in mercury.


The main goal of our research is to establish conditions for the controlled production of ultracold homo- or heteronuclear molecules by the light-assisted photoassociation. The photoassociation takes place when a pair of ground state atoms absorbs a photon red-detuned compared to the atomic line. At resonance, one vibrational level in an excited electronic potential of the molecule is populated. The reaction can be interpreted as a vertical transition at large distances, forming a long range molecule.


The research is a part of the "Precise optical control and metrology of quantum systems" TEAM grant founded by the Foundation for Polish Science.


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